Film screening at the opening of FLIP BOOK at Ilmin Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul

THE MAN WHO KNEW 75 LANGUAGES will be screened at the opening day! 

Flip Book: The Revolutionary Animations of 21th Century

Exhibition Dates : 2018. 5. 18 ~ 8. 12

Exhibition Venue: Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Host and Supervised by Ilmin Museum of Art

The Number of Participating Artists : 20 directors and visual artists, designer, etc.

Project Objectives:

1) To explore the possibility of expanding Animation as an artistic genre which has not

been fully acknowledged in the contemporary art scene.

2) To introduce the Korean audience to internationally renowned independent animators

and directors who have, as opposed to commercial animation, expanded the field

through collaboration with various artistic fields including art, documentary, design and

music, and promote interaction in regard to the connections with contemporary art.

3) To analyze how the ‘handicraft’ or ‘storytelling’ of traditional animation, which are

being emphasized again in the digital environment of 3-d, 4-d, film, web toons, game,

and VR, have influence the field of contemporary art.

Project Specifics: Collaboration, Handicraft in the age of post-production.

- By presenting the production processes of international ‘animation auteurs’, the

importance of collaboration and handicraft in the production of digital animation will be

newly emphasized.

- Korean master directors such as Lee Sung Gang, Oh Sung Yoon, Japanese master

directors Sawako Kabuki, Yoko Kuno, Arai Fuyu, and directors of documentary animation

such as Anca Damian, Leanne Pooley, Katrin Rothe, Anne Magnussen, the representative

work of various contemporary animators from commercial animation to experimental will

be exhibited as well as the process of production focused on the collaboration with

various areas such as visual art, music, and advertising.