EMBLA FILM AS is located in Bergen, on the western coast of Norway.

We are focusing on animation films and documentaries with a humane touch, often with a deep environmental issue and wisdom. For us, it is very important to tell stories with a deeper meaning and to give the audience the feeling of “being there”. We are filled with a deep respect for the people who spend their time watching our films; therefore we want to fill their time with beauty and interesting stories.

Embla Film’s main focus is quality. To conduct proper research, discoveries and analysis, and to develop a groundbreaking, interesting style is far more significant than to create endless TV-series.

Anne Magnussen is the leader of the company and brings in freelancers on the projects. Anne Magnussen has a long track record as a result of nearly 30 years working at NRK (The Norwegian Broadcasting cooperation), working as an editor, PD/camera, director and producer. She has been awarded several times, and is bringing her long and various experience to the benefit of the company.

Over a long period of time, EMBLA FILM has built up a strong international network. The network has been useful for the production of the animated film THE MAN WHO KNEW 75 LANGUAGES, as it will be for future productions.

Embla Film AS is cooperating with a mixture of young filmmakers as well as experienced media veterans. Since the production companies in Bergen are all on the smaller side, we have developed reliable cooperation between us to an art. This gives us the possibility to bring the right people into our projects.

 EMBLA FILM is interested in finding a bigger international audience and to gain experience from international co-productions, both as the majority and minority producer.


EMBLA FILM Productions:


THE MAN WHO KNEW 75 LANGUAGES, an animated film based on a true story. Will be screened at Annecy in June and Astra in Autumn 2017.

 ”On fire, the art of burning Heathlands”, a short documentary film telling about the 4000 year old tradition of burning heather at the coast of Norway.

Premiere 14 December 2010

 "The Everyday Landscape" Documentary, (2009) produced for the Norwegian Ministry of Environment. Will soon be uploaded in Norwegian, French and English language at The Council of Europe’s webpages.

“A new hope” (2007), produced for the Norwegian Ministry of Environment.

“The Wild Sheep, the Fox and Love” 2005. Coproduction with NRK. Screened at YLE spring 2010

The film was very popular when screened at NRK. It has been chosen as “My favorite program” / “Ønskereprise” and put up to several new screenings at the NRK WEB.


Festivals and awards (The Wild Sheep, the Fox and Love:

Silverdocs, Documentary Festival Washington 2006, USA

Uppsala International Short Film 2006, Sweden

Wt Os International Filmfestival 2006, Norway

IDA Distinguished short documentary award (nomination) 2006 Los Angeles, USA

International Film Festival Ekofilm 2006 (award winner) in Prague, Czech Republic

5th Annual DocuFest Wilmington 2007, USA

Enviro Film 2007 (award winner), Slovak Republic

Etno-Eko-Folk Film Festival 2007, Slatioara (Romania)

Baltimore Women’s Film Festival 2007, Baltimore (USA)

DOCSDF - 2nd International Documentary Film Festival 2007, Mèxico

Festival International du Film d'Environnment 2007, Paris (France)

EKO-Film-Festival, Dresden 2009. The festival is organised by the Czech Centre Dresden, the EKO-Film-Association and Cinema-Casablanca. The cine-meeting will be part of the "Days of Czech-German culture", which are taking place every autumn since 1998. www.czechcentres.cz and www.czechcentres.cz/dresden.


BEFFEN, Documentary 58 min.

A young girl, Linda, has almost no education, and no skills as a seaman. When her father dies, she is the captain and owner of "Beffen", a little red ferry. There is a rich man trying to over take the charming little ferry. Will she manage to run the old ferry company and win the fight?